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Child Support

Child Support Attorney in New Jersey

When a couple who has children together must go through a divorce, a number of different factors come into play. In addition to dealing with the issues of the children themselves, an important question that each parent must ask himself is whether he is able to afford the children on his own. As crazy as it sounds, this is a difficult, but common, question. Additionally, the parent who works and may not be housing the children permanently has to consider whether he or she can afford child support and how much he or she can afford. It's a fact, children are expensive, but here at Joanna D. Brick, Esq. law offices we work hard to alleviate the burden you may feel from the divorce by providing attentive and individualized legal services for you.

New Jersey Child Support Services

Determining how much child support is a necessary and challenging process during a divorce. In New Jersey, the amount of child support is dependent on a number of guidelines and statutes and always takes the children's best interest into question. At the law firm of Joanna D. Brick, Esq. we have experienced all different types of child support case, which has enabled us to help our future clients with their cases. Because of the NJ statutes, the amount of child support paid has less flexibility but with our experience, we understand how to make this work to the best of your advantage . There are several different issues that are taken into consideration when determining the amount of child support one parent pays the other. Some of the factors that need to be considered in advising our clients are the ages of the children, the needs of children including abilities or disabilities, the number of overnights taken by the parties as well as possible Court Orders from existing children of prior relationships.

Child Support Coverage

What does child support cover in New Jersey? This is a common question that we are asked, especially when a divorce includes visitation rights, split custody, or the like. Typically, in New Jersey, child support will cover basic education expenses, medication, clothing, food, and shelter expenses. These are perceived to be the necessities for a child's well-being. As with alimony or other divorce issues , child support can be modified in the future. If a divorce occurs when a child is very young, support can be revisited every few years . Modification may also be needed in the event of serious medical circumstances, a change in the supporting and non-supporting parent's employment status or for significant out of pocket expenses not considered previously like private school tuition. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience with modifying child support cases and we advise you to see us as soon as you think you may need a modification. We will ask you the right questions to determine whether it is time for a change and help you gain the best possible scenario for you and your child. Whatever the case may be, remember that our New Jersey law offices offer child support legal services for updating or changing your existing child support court orders. Our reliable, extremely professional attorneys are here for you. Call us today at 201-254-7530 for a legal consultation.

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