New Jersey Parental Relocation

Parental Relocation To And From New Jersey Legal Services

If you, as a custodial or non-custodial parent, or an ex-spouse are planning to relocate to or from New Jersey, it can be time-consuming or confusing to understand the laws associated with parental rights. The Law Offices of Joanna D. Brick, Esq., a family law firm located in Fair Lawn, NJ, understand the laws and statutes that the New Jersey courts must adhere to and has experience working with successfully and painlessly relocating non-custodial and custodial parent cases. Disputes regarding parental relocation are normally sensitive to the facts and therefore, it is important that the participants in the case present all the necessary and relevant facts.

The Facts about Parental Relocation To Or From NJ

In the state of New Jersey, it is the law that the custodial parent receives written consent from the non-custodial parent to relocate. He or she can also receive a court order permitting this parent to relocate outside of the NJ jurisdiction. There are a number of reasons that can determine whether a parent receives permission to relocate outside of their current jurisdiction, whether it is NJ or whether they are moving to NJ. All of these reasons must be “good-faith” if they plan to move with their child or children. Some of the approved reasons for relocating include: differences in cost of living between locations, medical issues, proximity to immediate family, obtaining new or higher paid employment, returning to city or state of origin and/or remarriage.

Children Are Affected By Parental Relocation

In addition to providing a valid, good-faith reason for moving, the custodial parent must also prove that the relocation will not harm the children’s best interests. In order to prove this, our family attorneys will make sure to research and lay out exactly how each of the parties involved will be affected by this relocation to or from New Jersey, including the children. Some of the areas that we will investigate as part of the case include provisions for visitation with the other parent, education and schooling opportunities, available employment, housing arrangements, the local community and surrounding areas, additional family, and/or medical circumstances. Understanding and presenting the facts to the court is imperative to your case and we will ensure that the relocation will benefit you and your children. We are also experienced in preventing relocations outside of NJ that our clients believe will harm the children and significantly effect the relationship of the non-relocating parent.

New Jersey Family Law Firm Of Bergen County

The Law Offices of Joanna D. Brick Esq. are highly experienced in parental relocation cases to and from New Jersey, offering quality, personalized, and professional legal services out of its central office in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. We service Northern and Central New Jersey including Bergen, Essex, Morris, Union, Somerset and Middlesex Counties. Call our law firm today at 201-254-7530 if you have questions about how your move or your spouse’s move may affect your children, custody, visitation rights or child support arrangement.