Unmarried Couples Seeking Palimony In New Jersey

Although the divorce rate in the United States has reached levels of 50%, or more in some areas, there are also long-term couples who choose to never get married but rather live together as individuals. In New Jersey, there was a time when unmarried couples who lived together were considered under common law marriage, but this law was abolished in 1939. Unfortunately, nowadays, when these couples split apart, the New Jersey courts have limited laws determining who should receive support. Because of this, experienced legal counsel in New Jersey is necessary to protect the rights and property of the individuals involved in the split. The Law Offices of Joanna D. Brick, Esq. have extensive experience with all kinds of palimony cases in New Jersey and as representation, will ensure your property and rights are protected.

Experience With NJ Palimony Cases Is Necessary

What is Palimony? The term is recognized by the courts with regards to financial support or division of property between unmarried couples. Because there are limited laws protecting unmarried couples when they split, it is important that you seek a highly experienced legal counsel to represent you. Joanna D. Brick, Esq. has helped resolve many unmarried individuals both defend against and pursue palimony cases when a separation or termination of the relationship occurs. Married couples have extensive legal rights when divorcing and unmarried couples in New Jersey do not have these same rights, which is why we offer representation for those seeking palimony and those whose spouse is seeking palimony.

New Jersey Palimony Laws

New Jersey’s palimony statute was updated in 2010 to fall under the statute of frauds. This means that in order to obtain palimony, both parties must agree to it in writing.

Seek Legal Assistance For Your Palimony Case

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