Complex Asset Distribution

Division Of Complex Assets In New Jersey

New Jersey is abundant with high net worth marriages. Therefore, it is not uncommon for The Law Office of Joanna D. Brick, Esq. to have experience with various high asset divorces, requiring a settlement of complex asset distribution. With this experience, Joanna D. Brick, Esq. has always ensured her client’s satisfaction concerning the protection of her client’s assets and accurate distribution of assets during a divorce.

Complex Assets Entails High Assets

When speaking about the distribution of complex assets in New Jersey, there are a number of different types of property that will fall in this category. In New Jersey, it is popular for families to own multiple homes, small businesses, or enjoy business executive benefits. When it comes to a divorce, dividing the tangible and the intangible assets can become quite complex. Business assets reach beyond real property and can include intangible components such as patents, trademarks, or anticipated public stock offerings. Business executives often have corporate benefits such as stock options, restricted stocks, pension plans, retirement accounts, and other forms of deferred compensations. The identification and proper valuation of each and every component of complex assets is required to provide accurate distribution between the parties.

NJ Distribution Of Complex Marital Assets

In New Jersey, these complex assets will be included in the distribution of assets between a couple. For instance, a party receiving vested and unvested stock options from their company during the marriage must be identified and included in the distribution of property. Similarly, a pension or profit sharing must be distributed correctly to include the portions received after the divorce but earned during the marriage. As experienced legal representation for those in New Jersey seeking a divorce with high net worth, Joanna D. Brick, Esq. will ensure privacy, protection of property and a professional settlement.

Valuation Of Assets In New Jersey

Due to the highly valuable assets involved in these cases, The Law Office of Joanna D. Brick determines valuation of high net worth assets with the assistance of outside accountants, appraisers and experts in actuarial accounting. Accountants may also assist to tax implications of distributing such assets.

Seek Legal Assistance For Complex Asset Distribution

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