New Jersey Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation in New Jersey is intended to bring about a peaceful settlement between individuals using an objective, experienced third-party divorce mediator. When going through a divorce, individuals from both parties are most likely interested in the least expensive and quickest proceedings possible. Because of this, Joanna D. Brick Esq. assists in the process of New Jersey Divorce Meditation to make divorce as seamless and non-damaging as possible. Divorce Mediation is considered highly sought after proceedings that can eliminate the need for lengthy and costly litigation. The Law Office of Joanna D. Brick Esq., LLC are experienced in representing couples and prior spouses going through NJ Divorce Mediation process.

Divorce Mediation In NJ Saves Time And Money

For the most part, divorce mediations in New Jersey involves disputes over the individual’s and couple’s assets as well as support, alimony, maintenance, home ownership, debts, and other financial divisions. Here at the Law Office of Joanna D. Brick, Esq., LLC, the office works to make sure that our clients and parties involved receive fair settlements. Assisting in identifying the value of your assets and how they should be divided, especially shared real property can be a daunting task for individuals to determine on their own. So we work determinedly and always strive for complete satisfaction of our clients during the divorce mediation process.

Division Of Assets & Financial Disputes

In New Jersey, the parties will be required to be involved in NJ divorce mediation proceeding prior to litigation as part of a series of steps to mitigate the cost and burden on the families as well as the court system. Attempting mediation always favors individuals seeking a divorce. Joanna D. Brick Esq. office has experience with complicated financial disputes such as business ownership, gifts, valuations of business products or services, investments accounts as well as retirement accounts such as 401Ks and pensions that must be addressed in the mediation process. This experience can create a gateway to your future and your spouse’s future to freedom.

Children Involved In Divorce Mediations

When the two parties involved in the divorce have children together, often times divorce mediation can help alleviate the stress of going to Court. Some of the issues that can be resolved in divorce mediation in NJ include physical child custody, parenting rights, parenting schedules, visitation rights, holiday schedules and more. Although these issues seem simple to resolve, it turns out that when the time comes, if the two parents have not discussed the issues clearly, it can cause unnecessary stress to the children. Therefore, mediation can bring these to the forefront, address and resolve issues without a judge’s involvement.

Joanna D. Brick Esq. Guides Clients Who Participate With A NJ Divorce Mediator

The Law Office of Joanna D. Brick Esq., LLC, is a highly experienced New Jersey Divorce firm offering quality, personalized, professional mediation services out of its central office in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. We service Northern and Central New Jersey including, but not limited to, Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Union, Sussex, Middlesex, and Somerset Counties.

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