Settlement Agreements

Marital Settlement Agreements In New Jersey

At The Law Office of Joanna D. Brick, Esq., our first intention is to look after and protect the best interest of our clients. If our client wishes to go through a divorce, our goal is to make sure it happens conveniently, efficiently and the least costly for the client. While there are a handful of divorces that must go through a trial in order to be settled, an astounding 95% of divorce cases are settled before ever going to trial. This means that couples come to a full agreement on the terms of their divorce and give up the right to a trial before a Judge. Our experienced and professional New Jersey family law firm is committed to protecting our client’s rights throughout the settlement negotiation.

Definition And Benefits Of A Settlement Agreement In NJ

A marital settlement agreement in NJ includes the division and agreement in all aspects of a marriage including but not limited to child custody, parenting time, child support, alimony or spousal support, evaluation and distribution of business, division of assets and debts such as real estate and vehicles, and other aspects of a marriage that will be affected by the divorce. Some couples do not have children, while others may not have a business or any property to divide. These different circumstances make each settlement agreement unique to those parties. Through her experience with marital settlement agreements in New Jersey, Joanna D. Brick, Esq. ensures confidential and professional services that provides satisfaction to all her clients.

Why Are Settlement Agreements Beneficial To Divorcing Couples?

Simply put, the time, money and frustration that could add up during a divorce trial can be daunting upon everyone involved including children and family members. Negotiations can be difficult at times. Our job is to guide you through the settlement process and to insure your rights and property are protected to provide accurate representation. Our experience with marital agreement negotiations in NJ will create a process as smooth as possible for our clients. If a divorce cannot be settled with an agreement, then you should expect to engage in various other methods of settlements including case management conferences, discovery time and preparation, an early settlement panel, economic mediation, an intensive settlement conference and ultimately a trial.

Seek Legal Assistance For Divorce Settlement Agreements

The Law Office of Joanna D. Brick, Esq. has extensive experience negotiating and preparing divorce settlement agreements in New Jersey, offering quality, personalized, and professional legal services out of its central office in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. We service Northern and Central New Jersey including in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic, & Union Counties. Call our law firm today at 201-254-7530.